The Gardens

The Perennial Garden

The Perennial Garden is located towards the back of the museum grounds. It is a beautiful example of native plants and flowers that grow in Iowa. Our wonderful Master Gardner's Donna and Roger Day with help from the Landscape Committee work from spring to fall caring and maintaining the garden and memorial trees as well as the museum grounds.

The Butterfly Garden

Located behind the Clancy-Erickson buildings, the Butterfly Garden is the museum's efforts to preserve and protect the butterfly and pollinator population. The garden is well cared for by our volunteer garden committee and Master Gardener's Donna and Roger Day.

The Kitchen Garden

Located to the right of the house, the Kitchen Garden is an example of a late 1800s garden used to grow food and herbs for cooking. These gardens would be located just off the kitchen and were maintained by the lady of the home or the hired help. Plants that could be found in a Kitchen Garden are: tomatoes, basil, potatoes, corn, squash, and more. Our dedicated team of volunteers help maintain the garden each year.

Memorial Tree Program

As you drive on through the Museum, visitors will notice an assortment of trees with plaques in memory of people from the community. By donating to the Museum's Memorial Tree Program, families can honor a loved one by planting a tree on the Museum grounds in memory of said family member. With the tree, a plaque is placed at the base with the name of the loved one and the who donated the tree. If you wish for more information about the Memorial Tree Program, please contact the Museum Director at, call 515-604-6980, or stop on by the Museum Office during regular business hours. Thank you!