HCHA and the Museum

Humboldt County Historical Association

The Humboldt County Historical Association (HCHA) was established in 1962 by a group of people from the community wanting to work on preserving the county's history. In just four years, the Kuhnert's approached the young association with a donation: a Victorian Italianate farmhouse just across the river on the eastern side of Dakota City. Seizing the opportunity, the HCHA accepted the donation and in 1966 acquired the Brown home (the Millhouse) and the land it sat on. Thus the Humboldt County Historical Museum was established. During this time, the HCHA also received the Norway No. 6 "Willow" Schoolhouse as a donation from Dr. Mickelson near Thor. Over the next two years, the association and volunteers worked to restore the Millhouse and Schoolhouse. In 1968, two rooms were opened in the Millhouse as well as the Schoolhouse the following year for tours. Through the years, thanks to the hard working members of the HCHA and volunteers, the Humboldt County Historical Museum has grown to house a variety of historic buildings and artifacts for the community to explore and enjoy the county's past. The Humboldt County Historical Association is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors actively working to keep the Museum a safe and friendly place for the community and visitors to explore local history. Their focus: honor what the founding members sought out to do while establishing goals for the Museum's longevity. 

2022 HCHA Board of Directors:

Executive Officers

Steve Reedy, President

Greg Stoebe, Vice President and Past Present

Martha Schmidt, Recording Secretary

Marlys Johnson, Treasurer


Marv Allbaugh

Carol Christiansen

Gerald Davis

Kaye Hendrickson

Dan Holste

Cody Lawman

Delayna Lawman

Mary Plagmann

Executive Director of Museum Operations

Erica Knudson 

Meet the Museum Staff!

Executive Director of Museum Operations

Erica Knudson


Martha Schmidt, Head of Collections and Research

Mary Plagmann, Collections Assistant


Pat Baker, Head of Archives and Research

Docents and Volunteers

Virginia Hart, Regular Docent

Kaye Hendrickson, Regular Docent

Kathy Hensch, Volunteer

Gardens and Landscaping

Donna Day, Head of Garden and Landscaping

Roger Day, Gardens and Landscaping Volunteer

*The Gardens also have a dedicated team that make up the Landscaping Committee*

Become a Member today!

Become a member of the Humboldt Co. Historical Museum! A member of the Museum gets our seasonal newsletter on what's going on at the Museum; discounts to certain events, gift shop, and tour admission; attend the HCHA General Meeting in the fall, and know first hand the wonderful volunteer opportunities at the Museum. To become a member or to renew your membership, please fill out the form below and send a check payable to "HCHA" to our PO Box 162, Humboldt, IA 50548. Members can also stop on by the Museum Office during regular business hours to sign up or renew their membership. All proceeds from dues goes back into the Museum to put on educational events and seminars, children's field trips and education events, maintenance expenses on the historic buildings and gardens, and display designing. Thank you for your continuous support! 

NOTE: If you wish to skip the form and turn in a hard copy form, click on the link below the google form to print off the membership form. Send this form back along with a check payable to "HCHA" to PO Box 162, Humboldt, IA 50548. Thank you! 

Humboldt Museum Membership Form (Email Version)